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Who would make mats from artificial grass?

I’ve always been drawn to simplicity with style and functionality. I thought that was due to my Scandinavian heritage; until I recently discovered I have no such heritage and I’m actually a Kiwi of French descent. All that explains is my penchant (that’s French) for Pain au Chocolat.

I’ve also always had some unexplained affinity with artificial grass. I think it’s the neatness and perfection of it. Maybe it’s the hours happily spent playing on it as a child.

So I was disappointed to discover that every year, metres and metres of the stuff (and many other totally usable materials) are cast away to a life of filling the land, never to be used again.

Well I thought this was rather wasteful and quite unnecessary so I decided to re-purpose some of these materials and give them a second life. Interestingly, the artificial turf I use for the mats is actually brand new  – it was simply discarded off-cuts from installations.

I source the lovely, lush green turf from companies who are not only great installers, but also have an eco-friendly conscience and were happy I found them a solution to cut down on the trips to the tip.

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Emma Rock, Patch

Thank You

Big thanks goes to the following eco-conscious companies who are helping us to ensure less waste is going to landfill:

Game On Turf

Team Turf

Urban Turf Solutions