Some of the most frequently asked questions.

Even better than recycled, the turf is upcycled. This means that it’s brand new and in perfect condition. It has just been taken to an install site and discarded as unused excess.

Initially, your mat may shed a few blades of grass, but don’t worry; it will settle and stay perfect for years and years to come.

We have partnered with a group of locally-based artificial turf installers who are eco-conscious businesses and are pleased to see their off-cuts go on to live a second life.

That’s super simple. Either shake it out or hose it down. Plus, the material is made for the outdoors and features drainage holes, so it doesn’t retain any water and dries quickly after a pour down.

No worries, just hose it down and that will remove any evidence – we don’t recommend the ‘shake it out’ technique on this occasion!

We ship for free anywhere within New Zealand.

We currently only ship Patch mats within New Zealand, however, please send us an email and we’ll see what we can arrange: hello@patchhome.co.nz

We’re excited that you’re excited. We ship using Courierpost and that takes 2-3 days, however, it often arrives sooner (but we don’t guarantee that). Hold tight and be patient – the tiny wait is worth it!